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HubSpot is your most important investment in 2023!

How seriously are you taking your growth goals for the year?

HubSpot lives by its tagline: Helping millions grow better. 

Facing high expenses, growth slow down, and feeling prospects are harder and harder to reach? 

Disconnected point solutions in your data and systems that make it hard to gain insight, maintain alignment, and measure ROI?

Frustrations with your tech stack in terms of getting the data/insights you need, as well as it being easy to use without wasting hours? 

Wasting money on tech tools that are not fully adopted by the team?

Lacking a structured process and way to drive productivity? 

If you are reading this thinking, yes! Then HubSpot is your all-in-one solution. 

HubSpot ​​helps you:

  • Have stronger connections among your data, systems, teams and customers

  • Avoid hidden costs from disconnected point solutions

  • Increase adoption of CRM tools and drive business alignment

  • Save time with efficient automations and AI intelligence recommendations

  • Connect key assets across channels, and report on results with a complete view of campaign performance
  • Empowers and enhances your inbound marketing efforts

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And can offer you so much more!

HubSpot is a leading cloud-based CRM platform for scaling companies, with products focused on marketing, sales, content management, customer service, and operations. HubSpot helps customers scale across all stages of their digital journey.

Investing in the CRM platform provides your business with single-source, robust solutions that can scale with growth.

HubSpot offers:

  • Sales Hub to manage your sales, leads, customers to identify
  • Marketing Hub tools such as email nurturing, landing page, chat, forms, etc. 
  • Service Hub for ticketing and knowledge base to offer your customers help
  • CMS Hub to build a lead generating website easily 
  • Operations Hub to ensure you have a clean database and business process automation tools, including a suite of apps you can use to support your goals

Investing in the CRM platform provides your business with robust solutions that can scale with growth.

The best part?

It is built on a foundation of simplicity for ease of deployment, adoption and use to scale.

Can you confidently invest in HubSpot? 

HubSpot is a fantastic company that is growing at a considerable rate, well-positioned for the current economic environment. At a time where economic recession is on the tip of everyone’s tongues, HubSpot has continued to report strong results, with 38% YoY growth, thousands of new customers and forecast for more growth ahead even as the economic environment declines. 

Skjermbilde 2023-04-26 kl. 10.12.13

Skjermbilde 2023-04-26 kl. 10.12.37

HubSpot Third Quarter 2022 Investor Marketing Presentation

HubSpot is designed on a consolidation strategy, making your investment in their CRM platform one that gives back easily, if you actively utilise the platform. HubSpot remains focused as a growth-focused CRM platform that: 

  • Builds tools that increase the bottom line
  • Offers automation of processes increasing efficiency and lowering cost
  • Empowers taking advantage of opportunities more effectively and quickly
  • Helps close deals faster
  • Prospect more effectively
  • Manage and close deals 
  • Align teams, in particular Sales and Marketing

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According to HubSpot’s Annual ROI Report 2022, after 1 year, HubSpot customers:

  • Acquire more leads 

    • 129% more inbound leads acquired through form submissions
  • Attract more website traffic
    • 113% more visitors checked out customers' websites
  • Close and win more deals
    • Customers closed and won 36% more deals with a 109% better deal close rate
  • Resolve more customers' tickets
    • 37% increase in ticket close rate

Download the report to see more information about the potential of HubSpot ROI.

Skjermbilde 2023-04-26 kl. 10.16.29

HubSpot Annual ROI Report 2022 

What your HubSpot actually does in terms of the products or services it provides

HubSpot provides robust solutions that can scale with growth, but built on a foundation of simplicity for ease of deployment, adoption and use to scale.

If HubSpot is used correctly and your organisation approaches it with the right mindset, it should most likely produce positive ROI and provide many benefits for your company over time. 

So why is HubSpot your most important investment in 2023? Well, do you want to grow your business in 2023, or be left in our dust?

Need help to scale this next phase of growth?

Talk to us today about growing your business with HubSpot.

Artur Skofteby
HubSpot Sales Specialist 
Email : artur.skofteby@amestogrowth.com
Phone: +47 970 25 895

Katrina Thunem

Katrina Thunem

Katrina has worked with clients all over the world at some of the largest international marketing and advertising agencies. Katrina excels at inspiring, organizing, and executing creative digital marketing campaigns that harness the power of today's technology.