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HubSpot Sales Starter, Pro, and Enterprise: The Key Differences

Choosing the right sales software for your business can significantly impact your team's productivity and overall success. HubSpot offers a range of sales solutions tailored to different needs and budgets. In this article, we will explore the differences between HubSpot Sales Starter, Pro, and Enterprise editions, highlighting their unique features and benefits.

HubSpot Sales Starter

HubSpot Sales Starter is the introductory edition of HubSpot's sales software, designed for small businesses and teams looking to enhance their sales processes. Here's an overview of what is included in HubSpot Sales Starter:

  1. HubSpot CRM: Sales Starter is built on top of HubSpot's powerful CRM platform, providing a centralized system to manage customer relationships, track deals, and organize sales activities.
  2. Email Tracking: Sales Starter allows you to track email opens and clicks, providing valuable insights into prospect engagement. You can receive real-time notifications when a prospect interacts with your emails, enabling timely follow-ups.
  3. Email Templates: HubSpot offers a library of pre-built email templates that can be personalized and customized to streamline your outreach efforts. These templates save time and ensure consistent messaging across your sales team.
  4. Documents and Templates: You can create, store, and share sales documents and collateral within the CRM. This feature simplifies document management and enables easy access for sales reps during their interactions with prospects.
  5. Basic Contact and Lead Management: Sales Starter allows you to store and manage contact information, track deals, and monitor the sales pipeline. You can log activities, record notes, and schedule tasks to ensure effective follow-ups with leads and customers.
  6. Basic Deal Management: Sales Starter enables you to create deals, associate them with specific contacts or companies, and track their progress through different stages of the sales cycle. This feature helps you monitor the status of your deals and prioritize your sales efforts.
  7. Basic Task Automation: Sales Starter offers basic workflow automation capabilities to trigger tasks and emails when deals change stages. This functionality helps automate routine sales activities and ensures timely follow-ups.
  8. Basic Reporting and Dashboards: The edition provides access to 10 dashboards, each containing up to 10 reports. These reports offer insights into key sales metrics such as deal performance, pipeline activity, and revenue generation.
  9. Call Queue: Sales Starter includes a call queue feature that enables sales reps to make outbound calls directly from the CRM. This streamlines the calling process and allows for efficient prospect outreach.
  10. Integration with HubSpot Marketing Hub: Sales Starter integrates with HubSpot's Marketing Hub, allowing you to align sales and marketing efforts. You can access marketing data, track lead sources, and sync contact information between the two platforms.

HubSpot Sales Professional

HubSpot Sales Pro provides an extensive set of features that go beyond the capabilities of Sales Starter. Here are the key differentiators:

  1. Sales Playbooks: Sales Pro includes five playbooks. Playbooks are powerful tools for structuring sales calls, onboarding new hires, maintaining data hygiene, and sharing best practices, ultimately leading to more effective sales processes.
  2. Chat Routing: Sales Pro allows you to route meetings to specific salespeople, enabling efficient allocation of resources. In contrast, Sales Starter restricts routing to only one person.
  3. Sequences: Sales Pro offers Sequences, which automates outreach to prospects with personalized emails, tasks, and LinkedIn messages. This feature is a huge time-saver, enabling sales teams to engage with prospects consistently and effectively.
  4. Company Lead Scoring: Sales Pro incorporates Company Lead Scoring, allowing you to prioritize outreach based on predetermined criteria. This feature helps your sales team focus on high-value prospects, similar to how HubSpot's own sales reps use the MHP score.
  5. 1-1 Video Creation: Sales Pro includes the ability to create personalized video messages for introductory outreach. This feature adds a human touch to your communication and enhances the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.
  6. Custom Reporting: Sales Pro empowers you with Custom Reporting capabilities, enabling you to create your own reports or utilize built-in options like Sales Analytics, Sales Forecasting, and Account-Based Selling (ABS) Analytics. These reports provide insights into key sales activities, such as call volumes, demo performances, and email metrics. You also get 25 dashboards with 20 reports in each compared to the 10 of each you get in Starter. 
  7. Forecasting: Sales Pro introduces the Forecasting feature, which enables you to predict future revenue based on existing opportunities and historical data. This functionality assists in sales planning and strategy development.
  8. LinkedIn Integration: Sales Pro offers seamless integration with LinkedIn, allowing sales professionals to leverage the power of the platform directly within the HubSpot CRM environment.
  9. Additional Workflows: Sales Pro enables advanced workflow capabilities, such as automatically assigning leads to sales reps, changing lead lifecycle stages, and rotating leads between reps based on response time. These features enhance efficiency and streamline sales processes.
  10. Enhanced Support: Unlike Sales Starter, Sales Pro provides access to HubSpot's phone support, offering real-time assistance when needed.
  11. Advanced Deal Management: Sales Pro allows you to add products, create quotes, and leverage eSignature functionality, enhancing your deal management capabilities. Pro also offers 15 deal pipelines compared to 2 in Starter. 
  12. Other benefits of Sales Pro compared to Starter are 16 hours of calling per rep in Pro compared to 8 hours in Starter, as well as 100 Shared inboxes in Pro and only 1 in Starter.

HubSpot Sales Enterprise

HubSpot Sales Enterprise takes the feature set of Sales Pro to the next level, offering additional functionalities to suit more sophisticated sales processes and larger teams. Here are the main advantages:

  1. Expanded Playbooks: While Sales Pro includes five playbooks, Sales Enterprise provides an extensive library of 5,000 playbooks. 

  2. Company Scoring Properties: Sales Enterprise offers 25 company scoring properties, allowing you to define and identify your ideal prospects based on specific criteria. In contrast, Sales Pro offers only five properties.

  3. Predictive Lead Scoring: Sales Enterprise incorporates AI-driven Predictive Lead Scoring, which helps identify and prioritize leads based on their likelihood to become ideal buyers. This feature utilizes advanced algorithms to streamline lead qualification and optimize sales efforts.

  4. Enhanced Permissions: Sales Enterprise provides robust permissions management, enabling complex hierarchies and allowing different managers to set granular access levels for their respective teams.
  5. Single Sign-On (SSO): Sales Enterprise introduces SSO functionality, offering a secure and convenient way for users to access HubSpot with a single login credential.
  6. Custom Objects: Sales Enterprise allows the creation of custom objects, providing the flexibility to adapt HubSpot's CRM to unique business needs.
  7. Quote Approval Automation: Sales Enterprise streamlines the quote approval process by automating it. Sales representatives can create quotes, which are automatically approved if they fall below a set threshold. For quotes exceeding the threshold, they are sent to managers for approval, ensuring a seamless workflow.
  8. Goals and Performance Tracking: Sales Enterprise enables the creation of goals for individuals or teams, facilitating performance tracking based on key metrics such as calls logged, deals created, meetings booked, and revenue goals.
  9. Recurring Revenue Tracking: Sales Enterprise offers detailed reports to track recurring revenue and churn, providing valuable insights for subscription-based businesses.
  10. Conversation Intelligence and Call Transcriptions: Sales Enterprise includes Conversation Intelligence, which offers enhanced insights into customer experiences, enabling better coaching for sales representatives and informed decision-making. Additionally, call transcriptions provide a written record of calls, allowing for easy review and reference.
  11. Other benefits of Sales Enterprise includes 50 pipelines compared to 15 in Sales Pro, and you get an extra 500 minutes of phone calls per rep in Sales Enterprise. 

Which is the right Hub tier for you?

Choosing the right HubSpot Sales edition depends on your business requirements and the scale of your sales operations. Sales Starter, Pro, and Enterprise editions offer increasingly advanced features and capabilities to support different levels of sales processes, team sizes, and objectives. Assess your organization's needs, budget, and growth aspirations to determine the most suitable edition for maximizing sales efficiency and driving revenue growth with HubSpot. Check out the details in the image below - click here to see the PDF in larger format

Need help determining which HubSpot Sales tier is best suited for your business? Reach out to our experts for personalized guidance and make an informed decision today. Contact us now!

Figure out which Sales Hub tier is best for your business

Ready to determine which HubSpot Sales Hub tier is the perfect fit for your business? Let our team of experts guide you through the decision-making process. We'll assess your unique sales requirements, growth goals, and budget to recommend the most suitable Sales Hub tier tailored to your needs. Maximize your sales potential and drive revenue growth with the right HubSpot solution. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and get started on your sales success journey!

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