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INBOUND 2023: What's New in HubSpot?

INBOUND 2023 is in full swing, and HubSpot has some fantastic updates to share. In this article we will review some of the exciting updates, primarily focused on Sales Hub, with some additional information working with AI, Commerce Hub, and HubSpot SMS. Let's dive right in to some of the newly launched features!

Prospecting Workspace

With Sales Hub, your sales representatives have access to a comprehensive set of tools to help them foster meaningful connections with prospects efficiently and at scale. The all-new prospecting workspace is a game-changer. It brings together everything a representative needs in one convenient place.

In this workspace, you'll find all your tasks, sequences, leads, and even your schedule. It's designed to streamline your workflow and boost productivity. Plus, you can easily drill down into leads for a more in-depth view.

Lead Management Tool

One of the standout features is the Lead Management Tool. It's been seamlessly integrated into Sales Hub, making lead management almost effortless. You can create, assign, and work on leads without hassle. As you engage with leads, they move through various stages, helping you track their progress.

Opening up a lead provides a split view that lets you see exactly where that lead stands in the process. Leads update in real-time as you reach out to them, log emails, or make phone calls. And when you're ready to qualify a lead, it automatically creates a deal for you. If you need to disqualify a lead, it prompts you to select a disqualification reason.

Sales-to-Sales Handoff Features

Book Meetings on Behalf of Others is a game-changer for Business Development Representatives (BDRs). It enables them to capitalize on the momentum gained from a successful qualifying call and schedule the next meeting directly on the account executive's calendar. No more back-and-forth or losing interest – this feature keeps your deals moving forward.

Users have the ability to schedule a meeting right from the workspace. This is really useful when you're dealing with contacts and need to coordinate schedules with account executives. In the professional version, you can set up rep rotation to keep the momentum going and ensure you secure that crucial meeting with the lead.

Lead Form Qualification

Another solid addition is the Lead Form Qualification routing tool. This allows you to create conditional redirect rules within HubSpot Forms to automatically qualify and route your leads to the right representative. There is a lot of automation power in this process that can help you never miss a lead again.

For instance, if a lead interacts with a form on your website, it can immediately enroll them in a specific sequence. This automation ensures a seamless experience and maximizes lead engagement.

Sequence Outcome Reports

Productivity is key. Sales teams no longer have to guess which sequences work best. With Sequence Outcome Reports, Sales teams can now optimize their outreach based on actual revenue outcomes. If a sequence isn't performing as expected, you can make data-driven adjustments to improve it.

Sequence Step Analytics 

Previously, HubSpot only provided analytics for automated tasks like email sends. Now, it has expanded reporting to cover all steps, including non-automated actions like LinkedIn connection requests and manual tasks.

A/B Test Sequences

An exciting feature for email campaigns is the Email A/B Testing. You can enroll two different emails in a sequence and determine which one performs better in terms of open rate, click rate, reply rate, and meeting rate. This data is invaluable for sending the right emails to the right prospects and, ultimately, closing more deals.

HubSpot AI: The Future of Work

Now that we have reviewed some of the Sales Hub releases, let's talk AI. As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly integrated into our daily work routines, HubSpot is at the forefront with HubSpot AI. This powerful tool is designed to save you time, drive results, and foster deeper customer connections. As HubSpot continues to prioritize customer needs, enterprise customers will receive greater control and customization of their CRM.

Users can create custom user experiences on top of HubSpot's CRM record pages with UI extensions. These extensions allow you to build custom cards for CRM record pages, providing an easy way to visualize and act on your HubSpot data. This customization extends to team-specific record page views using the CRM record page editor, boosting overall productivity. See some of these groundbreaking new features in one of our other articles that dives into more detail with step-by-step video guides. 

Commerce Hub: Everything You Need in One Place

Commerce Hub has been a hit among users, a bundle of all HubSpot commerce tools together in one convenient package. This streamlined approach is intended to allow you to get paid faster, increase revenue, and save valuable time. Want to know more about Commerce Hub? Check out another one of our articles that dives into more detail. 

HubSpot SMS: Instant and Effective Communication

For marketers looking for instant and effective communication with their contacts, HubSpot is introducing HubSpot SMS. This feature allows you to reach your contacts directly on their mobile devices. The marketing SMS add-on and increased SMS limits are now available for purchase on pro and enterprise accounts. 

Embrace the Future of Sales and Marketing

As INBOUND 2023 continues, keep yourself informed by staying connected with Amesto Growth, your trusted HubSpot Diamond Partner committed to maximizing your HubSpot investment.

If you're looking to effectively implement these exciting new features, reach out to us now for expert guidance and support from our team of HubSpot specialists!


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