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Techweb becomes Spring! We rebranded the company in 24 hours.

The team at Spring that night

How do you rebrand a company in 24 hours? The short answer is – Just do it! So on March 31st 2022 we gathered at our company headquarters and rolled up our sleeves. Soon the world would know us by our new name. But would we make it on time?

This was written around 3:30 AM on April 1st after having consumed several litres Red Bull, a few thousand calories divided on grilled tenderloin, skewers, potato chips and chocolate.

What a hackathon! What a great group of people! (On the picture you see a few of our 20 "springers"). And what a bad idea to do everything in just one night and one day!

Or not.

It depends on how you look at it.

This video gives you an idea of how the events unfolded:

We achieved a lot during this hackathon:

  • we built a podcast studio
  • we invented a name for our podcast (“Spring is on the Ear”)
  • we built a new website from scratch (far from perfect, but good enough)
  • we configured new domains and email addresses
  • we blogged, wrote, proofread
  • we updated all critical systems and tools
  • we rebranded ebooks (took a while longer than we thought!)
  • we built workflows in HubSpot and updated emails
  • we filmed, edited in Premiere Pro, recorded a pilot episode for our podcast
  • we created new processes and routines
  • we updated social media profiles
  • and much, much more ...

Everything is not perfect. But it is good enough. And best of all, we got it out on April 1st. Had we waited for perfect, May would have come and gone.

So why did we rename our company from Techweb to Spring, you might wonder?

The truth is that we have long ago grown out of what Techweb was; a digital agency specializing in websites and digital marketing. 

Today we're a growth partner for SaaS and tech companies.

Our new name has obvious connotations to the season of Spring, when nature comes to life, but also to the mechanical device that helps you gain momentum and take the next step.

We work closely with the top management in some of the most exciting Nordic scale-ups and help them create growth in four ways: get more customers, increase MRR/ARR, increase lifetime value and increase the company value.

At the time of writing this it is 4:01 AM. 

We have given all and then some, but the website is the hardest challenge.

Even for digital natives who do this for a living, building an entire website from scratch in twenty-four hours is a pretty ambitious feat, to say the least.

The only easy day was yesterday.

Just do it!

We did.

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Erlend Førsund

Erlend Førsund

Erlend is content writer and senior growth advisor at Amesto Growth. He was previously Head of Marketing and senior advisor at MarkedsPartner and has worked with inbound and HubSpot since 2014. He has studied marketing and languages at BI Norwegian Business School and NHH Norwegian School of Economics.