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Understanding the Differences Between HubSpot Marketing Starter, Pro, and Enterprise

When it comes to choosing the right marketing software for your business, HubSpot offers a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. Each tier provides various features and capabilities tailored to different stages of growth and requirements. In this article, we will explore the differences between these three tiers to help you make an informed decision.

HubSpot Marketing Starter

HubSpot Marketing Starter is designed for businesses that are just getting started and have not quite yet reached the growth stage. It caters to companies with a more limited budget, a lower average selling price (ASP) of products, and a smaller team. Here are some key features of HubSpot Marketing Starter:

  1. Free CRM: With Marketing Starter, you get a free basic CRM that includes contact and prospect management, deals and pipeline view, Gmail and Outlook integration, email tracking, and more.

  2. Basic Email Marketing: Marketing Starter provides basic email marketing capabilities, allowing you to send automated email replies for actions like newsletter subscriptions.

  3. Limited Marketing Automation: While Marketing Starter offers some automation features like basic email replies, it lacks comprehensive marketing automation capabilities such as advanced workflows and time zone sending.

  4. Basic Landing Pages and Forms: You can create landing pages using simple templates, but the selection is limited. A/B testing and progressive fields are not available in this tier.

  5. Basic Chatbot and Live Chat: Marketing Starter includes a basic chatbot for collecting name and email or setting up a meeting. It also offers live chat functionality.

  6. Limited Reporting: The reporting in Marketing Starter provides insights into contact website activity, including page views, form submissions, and sales activity. However, detailed custom reports and website analytics are not available.

HubSpot Marketing Professional

HubSpot Marketing Pro is suitable for businesses that require more advanced marketing capabilities and have a larger contact database. Here are the additional features available in Marketing Pro:

  1. Enhanced Marketing Automation: Marketing Pro provides comprehensive marketing automation capabilities, including lead generation, internal communication, data management, and alignment between departments.
  2. Advanced Campaign Management: Marketing Enterprise enables you to tag all your assets by campaign name and easily manage and track the results of full campaigns in one dashboard.
  3. Social Media Planner: With Marketing Pro, you can connect your social media accounts to schedule and manage posts. It offers 50 connected accounts, 10,000 posts per month, and a three-year schedule calendar.
  4. SEO Optimization: Powered by SEMRush, Marketing Pro offers recommendations and optimizations to improve your website's search engine optimization and increase organic traffic.
  5. Blog Tool: Marketing Pro includes a blog tool that helps you create search engine optimized content based on best practices.
  6. Advanced Personalization: You can leverage smart content to personalize email and website content based on segmentation or broader attributes of visitors.
  7. Video hosting and management: Easily host and manage videos within your HubSpot account, while making your web pages, blogs, and social media channels more engaging by embedding videos. Track video performance through an intuitive analytics dashboard.
  8. Robust Reporting: Marketing Pro allows you to create custom reports leveraging CRM data and marketing engagement data. It also provides website traffic analytics and contact/company lead scoring.
  9. Additional Features: Advanced capabilities including building a product library, Salesforce integration, granular permissions, and seamless integration with popular third-party workflow tools to take your marketing to the next level.

HubSpot Marketing Enterprise

HubSpot Marketing Enterprise is the most advanced tier and offers additional features suitable for larger businesses with complex needs. Here are some key differentiators of Marketing Enterprise:

  1. Price and Contact Capacity: Marketing Enterprise becomes more cost-effective compared to Marketing Pro when you have over 50,000 contacts. It also provides 10,000 marketing contacts, higher than the limit in Marketing Pro.

  2. Enhanced Customization and Permissions: You have more flexibility in customizing chatbots, adaptive testing for landing pages, and creating custom objects. Additionally, Marketing Enterprise offers advanced permissions and partitioning to control access to assets based on team or individual needs.

  3. Extensive Reporting and Dashboards: Marketing Enterprise provides 500 custom reports, 50 dashboards, and advanced attribution reporting to measure the impact of your marketing efforts accurately.

  4. Multi-touch Revenue Reporting: Gain insights into the revenue generated from various marketing activities throughout the buyer's journey.
  5. Behavioural Events: Track and analyze user behavior on your website to understand engagement and optimize your marketing strategies accordingly.
  6. Single Sign-On (SSO): Enhance security and streamline access management with SSO functionality.
  7. Permissions & Partitioning: Maintain control over access to different assets and information, ensuring data privacy and organization within complex team structures.
  8. Adaptive Testing: Optimize landing pages with automatic identification of winning variants, eliminating the need for 50:50 A/B testing.
  9. Custom Objects: Utilize custom objects to tailor HubSpot's functionality to your specific use cases and business needs.
  10. Predictive Lead Scoring: Leverage advanced algorithms to predict lead quality and prioritize sales efforts effectively.
  11. Additional Features: Marketing Enterprise includes features like the ability to advertise to 15 contact list audiences, send frequency caps for communication control, expanded lists (1,500 compared to 1,000 in Pro), more workflows (1,000 compared to 300 in Pro), a larger number of teams (300 compared to 10 in Pro), higher scoring and calculated properties allowances (25 and 200 respectively, compared to 5 in Pro), and access to a sandbox account for testing and experimentation.

Which is the right Hub tier for you?

Choosing the right HubSpot Marketing tier depends on your business's specific needs and stage of growth. HubSpot Marketing Starter is suitable for businesses that are just starting, while Marketing Pro offers more advanced automation, reporting, and personalization features. Marketing Enterprise provides the highest level of customization, extensive reporting capabilities, and additional features to cater to the needs of larger and more complex businesses. Evaluate your requirements and growth plans to select the most appropriate tier that aligns with your marketing goals. Check out the details in the image below - click here to see the PDF in larger format


Need help determining which HubSpot Marketing tier is best suited for your business? Reach out to our experts for personalized guidance and make an informed decision today. Contact us now!


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