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What Types of Content Are Key to a Successful LinkedIn Post?

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What type of content do they include, and how are the most successful posts on LinkedIn structured? Based on an analysis of more than 100,000 LinkedIn posts, Jacob Warren found 8 typical content-type structure postings that are the key to success. 

Jacob Warren, VP of Marketing at Waratek presented his findings in a post on, you got it, LinkedIn. 🤩

The insights and findings do not really come as a surprise, but hard data from a recent analysis is a great starting point! So, here goes: The most successful LinkedIn posts consist of one (or more) of these eight content types:

Practical & Instructional 

Posts that offer hands-on, practical, step-by-step advice, that provides immediate value to the reader is increasing their likelihood to engage and share the posts. Anthony Pierri 🎸 and Elena Verna are great examples of this style, and so is my personal favorite Kyle Jepson who is running the HubSpot Tips and Tricks page! As a Norwegian example, I think Fredrik Fornes is doing a great job sharing LinkedIn insight. 

Inspirational & Motivational

Posts that share success stories, motivational examples, and words of encouragement, are highly resonating and connecting with the emotional aspect of LinkedIn, and are creating a sense of community and connection. Justin Welsh is a master of this style.

Being a music enthusiast, I want music to go with inspirational and motivational content, but that is hard on LinkedIn. 😜So here is a shameless promotion of my playlist of motivational music on Spotify.  

Analytical & Data-driven

Posts that are data-centric, that present insights from studies and research or personal experiences are favored among professionals who want to stay updated and informed about industry trends. For top-notch analytical and data-oriented posts, Jordan Crawford and Silvio Perez and the ones to follow. 

Controversial & Provocative

Posts that challenge conventional wisdom, traditional beliefs, or popular opinion. By presenting a unique point of view, they spark debate and discussion. Troy Munson and Amanda Natividad have a considerate and respectful approach to the controversial and provocative style. 

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Posts that are offering thoughts and insights on current events or industry changes have a high level of success. These strike a chord because they provide timely, relevant content. For the most insightful posts on marketing and LinkedIn, check out Ramli John and Richard van der Blom.


Posts that compare two or more products, strategies, concepts, or similar things provide substantial value. These posts aid readers in making informed decisions. Vladimir Blagojević of FullFunnel.io consistently excels in this style 


Posts reflecting on past experiences, failures, or successes. These offer valuable lessons learned, making them popular among professionals seeking growth. Check out Chris Orlob that provides great insights from his tenure at Gong, and now as CEO of the sales learning platform pclub.io.

Evolutionary & Progressive

Posts highlighting the contrast between past and present scenarios, showcasing evolution, or demonstrating growth or decline over time. Jason M. Lemkin provides valuable posts highlighting the challenges of growing SaaS companies that have evolved.

These structures and content types aren't isolated categories. They can and will overlap and intersect. However, having this framework can help you build your LinkedIn content strategy.

LinkedIn is a platform for professional development, growth, and the exchange of ideas.  Your post's content needs to accommodate these needs. So, the next time you sit down to write a post, keep these in mind. Experiment and discover what strikes a chord with your audience. 

So now that you know what content types work, here is our checklist of 12 tips to create a perfect LinkedIn post

Create the Perfect LinkedIn Post

What do you need to consider when posting on LinkedIn? Length? Content? What tricks can I use to ensure attention and, not least, create engagement? In this checklist, we give you 12 tips to start your journey to dominate LinkedIn.

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David Aleksandersen

David Aleksandersen

David Aleksandersen is Chief Revenue Officer at Spring Agency. He has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and management, both nationally and internationally. David has a Computer Science degree from Østfold University College and is studying Digital Transformation at Oslo Met. Before joining Spring, he worked as a business advisor at MarkedsPartner, marketing manager at Dataton AB, and as CEO at Smart Simulation AS.