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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We help our customers rank better and get organic traffic by optimizing content, building good technical websites, running campaigns and streamlining the digital customer experience.

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Here is our list of services

Keyword analysis or search engine analysis

An SEO analysis is a review of a website's visibility and performance in search engines, with the most focus on Google, as the dominant search engine. Such an analysis includes keyword analysis, on- and off-page analysis, a technical review of the website and, not least, a thorough review of the competitor image.

This is the basis for all further work we do with our customers.

Content production for SEO

Our specialists produce high-quality content that is relevant to the entire buying journey. This includes a variety of content types such as product and service pages, blog posts, landing pages, videos, infographics, checklists and guides or e-books.

The content is optimized for relevant keywords and written in a way that is engaging, useful and helpful to readers.

Content strategy and plan

Together we prepare a data-driven content strategy about what type of content you will create, what topics you will cover, how you will structure the content, how and where you will publish it and when you will promote it.

The result is a content plan and calendar, which is flexible and iterative, and which is continuously adjusted based on real data about traffic and performance.

Technical SEO analysis and strategy

In a technical SEO analysis, we check the technical health of your website, whether it is a homepage, an e-commerce platform, landing pages or something else. We look at what affects the ability to be indexed by search engines. This includes site speed, mobile friendliness, XML sitemap, robots.txt file, site structure and navigation, URL structure, security, duplicate content, broken links and structured data markup.

Link analysis and link building plan

A link analysis is the process by which we evaluate and examine the links pointing to your website. We will also prepare a link building plan which is the strategic planning and implementation of creating new backlinks (backlinks) to a website.

Digital competition mapping

Understanding your competitors' digital strategies will help improve your own search performance. We identify and analyze your digital competitors and see where we have the opportunity to leave them behind us on the results list.   

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