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Data-driven customer journey

Why do you invest in expensive marketing- and sales-supporting tools, keep track on leadsgen and produce content to attract relevant traffic? It’s because you want to utilize the powers and effectiveness of digital marketing and sales so you and your products are easy to find, understand and buy. 

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Our take on the customer journey


Own the experience

You want to make your customers’ journey from unknown visitors to satisfied users of your service or product as fluent as possible. More than talking about what the customer journey is, we encourage you to use your own experiences as a buyer - wear your potential customers’ shoes - and remove what might obstruct this process. Yes, it is definitely about buying, but it’s easy to miss out on how you acquire leads, how you build relationships with them, delivery and on-boarding processes, customer service and after-sale.


What we promise

Our promise to you is to be your customers’ watchdog; to bark at you when their basic needs are overlooked; point out hurdles and obstructions in their buying process; simplify when things get too complicated and adjust when intentions and results drift apart.


How we utilize data

How can we keep our promise? Strategy, methodology, and tactics are a given. What matters most is our ability to use data as the vital driver for change. A monthly report is useless unless we can provide understandable and actionable information from it. Information that enables you to publish content that attracts more relevant traffic; nurture leads that your sales dep fights to get their hands on; showcase your services with world-class timing, lead your customer through a friction-free on-boarding; communicate with decency and relevance to build long-lasting relationships post-sales; making room for up-sale and recruite ambassadors of your brand.

How we help your customers

Let them decide

A customer journey should be pleasant. The customers choose how long they want to travel, but as soon as they want to reach the destination, they need to get there immediately.

Data-driven and personal

By collecting data and knowing how to utilize them, we will help you create this experience for your customers.

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