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Growth as a Service

We help companies wanting to grow in five ways: Attract new customers , reduce CAC, increase recurring revenue, improve customer lifetime value (LTV), and increase company value. 

Our business advisors help create a strategy for growth based on our Growth Squared Model™, and you get your own Growth Team that helps you put it into action.

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We help you grow in five ways

We help you achieve long-term and profitable growth by focusing on creating value for your customers and building solid and lasting relationships.

Together, we focus our work on the 4 value drivers for top-line and bottom-line growth.


Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

To build sustainable growth, we help you constantly monitor and drive down your CAC. We use creativity and data to optimize existing channels. Together we develop new channels and offers and quickly test them before we scale the effort.


Attract new customers

New customers are the lifeblood of business. Our data-driven approach examines all parts of the customer journey. We advise how to improve business models and offerings and employ branding strategies, inbound, outbound, and new twists to traditional sales. We assist based on best practices to align sales and marketing to reduce friction and improve efficiency.


Sell more to existing customers

New customers are not the only thing that can provide revenue growth. Cross- or up-selling to existing customers can have the same effect. New products and services are the most obvious tools here, in addition to pricing and customer success teams. We assist with pricing strategies, onboarding processes, sales enablement and sales training.


Improve customer retention (LTV)

Everyone knows but neglects that keeping customers is better than getting new ones. We help you keep your customers happy with a keen eye on the customer journey. We help you develop the right metrics, loyalty programs, and win-back strategies.

You're in good company

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Get free ideas for faster and more profitable growth

Our process is designed so that you will get enormous value from the first second with us - completely free. If you like the growth initiatives, you can choose to realize them yourself or with us. The ideas are yours anyway and cost you nothing more than approx. 3 hours.

Step 1: Growth Kickstart

We invest 15-20 hours in you and come up with concrete ideas for how you can grow faster and more profitably. You sit back and get the ideas presented completely free of charge.

Step 2: Growth Plan

If you like the ideas we come up with, we will put together a 90-day growth plan. If you wish to realize all or part of the plan with us, we go to step 3.

Step 3: Growth Team

You subscribe to your own growth team consisting of specialists with the expertise needed to realize the growth plan. They work continuously, with laser focus, to create results.

Why choose Growth as a Service?

You can hire a team that already plays well with each other. Which quickly creates results and which covers all the specialist areas needed to succeed strategically and operationally with your ambitions.

- You get results faster with an efficient and experienced team
- You get strategic advice at senior management level for an optimal decision-making process
- You get immediate access to commercial experts
- You get a flexible workforce, but stable and integrated delivery
- You get a scalable solution with low risk, without the need for employment or long-term commitments

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We work strategically, tactically and operationally
in the following disciplines:

Value creation

Amesto Growth will help you understand the fundamental drivers of value and how different tactics will have an impact.

Business models

The right combination of business models and service/products are explosive – we will help you.


Setting the right direction is more important than the speed of your execution. We will help you get your strategy right.


We help you create and execute marketing strategies that drive top-line growth. Our approach is data-driven, agile and measurable.


Need to move the sales team from talent to system? We provide sales training, tools and strategy and help align sales and marketing.

Customer Success

Customer service is the new marketing. We help engineer great customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey.


Determining the value of your products and services is both a science and an art. We help you create a winning pricing strategy.


Putting together a great techstack is key to a successful digitalization project. We help with integrations, specs and implementation.

Operations & Finance

Automate your business processes to gain competitive advantage. We help you secure the right funding and growth strategy.


We are thinkers and doers, so not only do we help you create the strategy ... we also bring it to life with exceptional execution.


Culture eats strategy for lunch. Attracting top talent and retaining them is vital. We advise on HR and organizational development.


HubSpot is the number one platform for scaling companies. CRM, marketing, service, sales and operations. All is covered.

What does it cost?

Our philosophy is simple – we want our invoice to be the last invoice you stop paying due to the cost you save and the value we create. For our typical customers, our services help them save 3x in employee costs.

In other words, our customers can hire less and at a later stage when working with Amesto Growth. Giving our customers a 3X ROI on their cost is great, but the real value is in the growth and company value we create. Here we can document 10x, even 100x ROI.

Most of our customers invest from 75 000 NOK per month on a no-cure, no-profit model. Let's connect to learn more about your ambitions and how we might be a good fit.

Start growing

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Your needs are unique. Let's start with a conversation to find out how we can best help you. Book an appointment directly in my calendar, use the contact form, email, or give me a call.

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Chief Revenue Officer
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