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Growth as a Service

We help B2B tech and SaaS companies wanting to grow in four ways: Generate new customers (increase MRR/ARR), improve customer lifetime value (LTV), increase retention rate and increase company value. 

Our business advisors help create a strategy for growth based on our Growth Squared Model™, and you get your own Growth Team that helps you put it into action.



Start growing

We help you grow in 4 ways




Generate new customers

New business is the lifeblood of your business. We employ a combination of branding, inbound, performance marketing, and thought leadership to attract new customers. Sales and marketing alignment and data-driven customer journeys are also key to success here.


Increase MRR/ARR

For SaaS and subscription-based companies, we focus on increasing your recurring revenue, based on our proven Growth Squared Model™. We help with pricing strategies, onboarding processes, sales enablement and sales coaching.


Improve customer retention (LTV)

To retain customers you need to do more than just prevent churn. You need excellent customer service and a keen eye for the customer journey. We help create win-back strategies, loyalty programs, and pricing strategies.


Increase company value

We help you tweak your business model and pull the right levers that gear up the company value; corporate strategy, financing, M&A, recruiting, investor relations, operations excellence, and international expansion.

You're in good company

Ørn Software

How we work together

Do you have ambitious growth targets for sales, profitability, company valuation, or recruitment? Wonderful! We are obsessed with growth, so we’ll be a good fit. This is how we work together:

Growth Kickstart

We start with a series of workshops where we get to know your company, your challenges, and your ambitious goals. Together we define goals and KPIs for the next period. The output of the kickstart is a Gameplan for the next thirty days. 


We work in 3-month sprints in a retainer that renews automatically unless canceled. Before each quarter, we make a plan to achieve the goals we have set. 

Growth Team

You get a Growth Team of specialists with the expertise needed to realize the game plan. They work continually, with laser focus, to create results.




We help you create and execute marketing strategies that drive top-line growth. Our approach is data-driven, agile and measurable.


Need to move the sales team from talent to system? We provide sales training, tools and strategy and help align sales and marketing.

Customer Success

Customer service is the new marketing. We help engineer great customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey.


Determining the value of your products and services is both a science and an art. We help you create a winning pricing strategy.


Putting together a great techstack is key to a successful digitalization project. We help with integrations, specs and implementation.

Operations & Finance

Automate your business processes to gain competitive advantage. We help you secure the right funding and growth strategy.

Strategy & Roll-out

We are thinkers and doers, so not only do we help you create the strategy ... we also bring it to life with exceptional execution.


Culture eats strategy for lunch. Attracting top talent and retaining them is vital. We advise on HR and organizational development.


HubSpot is the number one platform for scaling companies. CRM, marketing, service, sales and operations. All is covered.

What does it cost?

Most of our customers invest from 75 000 to 250 000 NOK per month, on a no cure no profit model. Let's connect to learn more about your ambitions and how we might be a good fit. 

Start growing