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The secret sauce:

12 tips to create a perfect LinkedIn post

What do you need to consider when posting on LinkedIn? Length? Content? What tricks can I use to ensure attention and, not least, create engagement? In this checklist, we give you 12 tips to start your journey to dominate LinkedIn.

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Too important to ignore

Did you know this about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has 930 million users in 200 countries and is the world's largest network for professionals. Everything from

  • 141 million users use LinkedIn daily

  • LinkedIn is ranked #1 for lead generation

  • Up to 2x higher conversion rates on LinkedIn

  • 40% of B2B marketers believe LinkedIn is the most important channel for quality leads

  • 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for organic social marketing

  • 65 million users are decision-makers

  • 4/5 users influence business decisions

  • Amesto Growth has generated more than 1500 leads from LinkedIn in 2023


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12 tips to create a perfect LinkedIn Post

In this checklist, you will learn what the experts' best tips are and a recipe to ensure maximum benefit from your LinkedIn efforts. Among other things, you will learn this:

  • Tip #1: Include an "attention-grabber" or "scroll-stopper"
  • Tip #2: Remember to have a text trigger!
  • Tip #3: Consider the length of the post
  • Tip #4: Think about whom you tag
  • Tip #5: Remember relevant keywords/Hashtags
  • Tip #6: Consider the correct formatting of the content
  • Tip #7 ...
  • Tip #8 ...
  • Tip #9 ...
  • Tip #10 ...
  • Tip #11 ...
  • Tip #12 ...

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